Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not a bad hump day...

  Wensday my buddy Gifford and I decided to brave the early morning cold of an oncoming lowcountry Fall and look for some tailing reds..

  I know you yankees and mountain hippies will laugh... but live through a few summers of 110 degrees with 90% humidity, and this will seem cold to you as well 

The sunrise was beautiful.... and the early morning light revealed that the water was already up, and waiting for us.. 

 Gifford being the gentleman that he is offered to pole first... So I got to stand on the bow like a fat tourist and take pictures while I wated for a fish to show... It was a gorgeous  morning and scenery was not hard to come by.

 Luckily we didn't have to wait all that long for the first fish to show himself.  I didn't have the camera ready for him, but as soon as I released him gifford notified me that a second fish was pushing in hard right at us... a few quick casts and I was hooked up again within 15 seconds of releasing the first fish... Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am...

   Feeling sated, and a little selfish, I decided I would do the right thing and push Gifford around for a few shots...   He's no rookie on the rod, and it didn't take him long to find and connect with his first target..

   That last shot was the parting look from this fish... he had had enough and we gave him the old, "Long line Release"...   Gifford found another willing fish without too much effort, and we were tight once again..

  After Giffords second fish, I managed to find another to make an odd 5 on the day... but no photo's seemed necissary, so we just let him get back to his buisness and called it a day...

It was a beautiful lowcountry fall morning, with good company, and willing fish.. thats all a man can ask for..


  1. Those fish never disappoint! Well done.

  2. Hey Mike, What kind of boat were y'all in? It looks kind of different.

  3. thats my buddies Sea Island. Ive never seen one before.. but its pretty cool. Very basic, but gets it done for sure.