Monday, November 8, 2010

Belated Albie report...

  Rarely, at least when traveling with me will you find yourself with the sun on your face and a light breeze at your back.  Normally its a ball busting, feat of human endurance to see just how much your willing to take to catch a fish.  That was the case in the pursuit of Albies last year, but couldn't have been further from the case this year.  When looking at fishing off the outer banks of NC the biggest thing you really have to try and time is the weather.  Without a weather break you will find it hard to even get out of the pass, let alone find and catch fish.  This year, for a change, me and my crew hit it on the head.  Sunny skies, warm temps, and light winds meant that we could literally fish ourselves stupid for four days, and catch more albies than any group of men should be entitled to.  We fished hard, and we drank hard, and when the smoke cleared we had landed hundreds of fish, and I could even remember a few.  The pics are courtesy of Chad Fuller, Jeremy Clark, and Brian Robinson.  I would love to put some poetic words of beauty to these pics, but I think they do a fine job of speaking for themselves.. Enjoy.. 


  1. hey fellas

    i thought i might see a report up here. it was a pleasure to meet you guys and join you on the water. that albie game is pretty damn fun, to say the least. thanks for letting me tag along.

    steelhead trip was similar in regards to teh late nights and fishing ourselves silly. every guy on the trip tasted some steele. would love to meet you up there. there are some pics over on solid hookups, check em out.

    take er easy, tight lines

  2. also, i threw up a link on our blog to SandS. might get some of these northern boys after some reds...

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  4. Glad to hear yall carried the torch on. I doubt seriously you will forget the roadtrip you just rolled through. Nice to meet ya as well.

    Mike, great job of putting it all together. I never even got my camera out as these boys were hard at work. They really did get some great shots. I can say that out of 7 years of going this was by far the best fishing, but even more it was just the most fun. I think Jerms nuts may one day occupy a spot in the flyfishing hall of fame. They certainly have been a highlight of the last two trips. Highlights for me were the insanity Jerms, Allen and I rolled into on Wednesday, watching Boone catch one on a crease when he didn't even believe it, and the last sunday when we knew we had a long roll home but couldn't leave the bite. (someone congigate that sentence) Four guys playing musical boat is about as good as it gets. Till next year

  5. Looks like you had some good times Mike.
    Bloody awsomeness in this blog entry.
    Here its fuckin freezin in Sweden and
    its no NZ tripp this years so its out
    into the woods with guns blazing to
    kill some hogs. Have a good winter man.

  6. Boy, I could use some more of that right about now!